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"We have taken lessons from Nita for 3 years and highly recommend her. She is an excellent teacher who goes out of her way to make sure her students are successful. She also goes above and beyond to motivate her students by planing exciting games and incentives that encourage them to practice and excel at piano playing." 

                                                  S. Reynolds

Existing students:
Music for 3
 through 5 year olds

"Mrs. Nita has given our son the encouragement, structure and excitement all kids need to excel at piano! She is wonderful- a joy to work with. Her own passion for music is evident in all she does, specifically from the elaborate programs and games she creates for the kids to get excited about piano. We're thankful to have found her!"                                                M. Hyde

New and evolving studio with an instructor that puts her heart into her work!                                 C. Little

"Wesley enjoys piano so much. He has a fine motor delay, and piano has helped. Wesley loves the curriculum that Mrs. Nita has, and is always excited about his next secret mission."         M. Boardman

"Mrs. Nita, is a very kind teacher who has a passion to teach any student. My son is on the autism spectrum and doesn't fit a typical mold. He loves Mrs.Nita and loves playing the piano. His only interest this far has been trains and she has him out of his comfort zone every week and he is loving it."      C. Armey

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