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Nita Broadwell

My Story


My Grandmother gave me my very first piano lesson just before I turned five years old. I continued with lessons until I was 17. I love classical music and I love hymns but my favorite to play are arrangements that combine both.
My parents "made" me practice the piano even when I did not want to, and for that, I am grateful. One of my goals; however, is to make learning so fun and intriguing that my students will want to practice and not have to be pleaded with to do so. Hey, everyone needs goals!
A little personal info: In December 2012 I married my best friend and we are having a great time in our newly blended family. He has two daughters who are already grown and gone. My children's ages are from 20 to 36, five girls and three boys. And we have five grandsons and four granddaughters. I grew up in Lubbock and have lived in the Wichita Falls area since 1999. I home schooled my children for 16 years. We are finally empty nesters and loving every second of it! I have always been involved in church. I've taught Sunday school, led children's choirs, led music during vacation Bible school and am currently a church pianist.
I have no "formal" musical education beyond my own personal piano lessons and musical experience. I have not had an abundance of extra time on my hands and have lived out in the country for the majority of my adult life. Those two facts are my excuse for not having pursued teaching piano lessons to the public before 2012. I am continuously striving to educate myself in music and teaching methods. 
Teaching the love of music is a high priority in my studio. And creating great kids by teaching self esteem and self discipline through music education is my mission. 
I have found that I absolutely love teaching piano and am enjoying the wide age range of students that I have been blessed with.
When I am not teaching or preparing to teach I am busy with my other endeavors. I am the chief administrator for Broadwell Studios which is my husband's custom knife and pen business. I do all things clerical including keeping all social media and our website up to date. I am also David's photographer. In addition to all of this I am working with leather. I am making knife sheaths and other knife and pen related leather items. NB Designs is my leather and photography business. You can see our work if you are interested at
On top of that - I am rescuing women from their bras! I have found an incredibly comfortable solution and would be thrilled to share with you! Just ask!
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