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Studio Policy (updated June 26, 2017)


    This policy may be amended occasionally as needed. Studio clients may be notified of such amendments by letter, e-mail, or on the studio web site at least 4 weeks prior to the effective date of the amendments. All these forms of notification shall be considered valid and binding on both parties.

Lesson Time and Cancelation:

   The student's lesson day and time will remain the same unless mutually agreed upon by the teacher and student/parent or if it falls on a holiday.  Summer lessons are encouraged but will not necessarily follow the same schedule as the school year.

   Each school semester will include three, one hour group lessons. Two are included as part of the tuition and one will be available for make-up lessons or may be attended at an additional charge. 

   No make-up lessons will be offered without a minimum of 6 hour notification unless missed by the teacher. 

   An attempt will be made to fill in cancellations with any necessary make-ups.



    The expected amount of daily practice is different for every student as it depends on his/her goals, priorities and age. Each student, therefore, will work and progress at his/her own rate and will not be compared to the others.

    In general, students are encouraged to practice at least five days a week for a minimum of five minutes a day.

    Parents will be encouraged to help the Student establish and maintain a workable schedule for practice.

    The Student should practice on a piano that is in tune and in good working condition. Keyboards are discouraged unless they are of a very high quality with weighted keys and a peddle. 

Promptness and Preparedness:

    Your time is valuable as is the teacher's.  Every effort will be made to begin and end each lesson on time.  The same consideration will be expected from the students.

    Please do not drop off or pick up students more than three minutes before or after the scheduled lesson time. 

    The teacher will be prepared to teach and have all materials and lesson plans ready before the lesson.  The students job is to have their assignments completed and be ready to learn when they walk in the door with all assigned materials and lesson notebook in hand.

Parent Participation:

    Parents are encouraged to be a positive part of the learning process.  Please try to always be positive and limit any criticism. 

    Assignments will always be written in the music notebook. 

    If you or the student is having difficulty in understanding what is expected or feel that there is any unfair or harsh treatment, please let discuss this with the teacher.  Learning piano should be a fun and uplifting experience, one that is a joy to work on and not just a drudgery.
    Parents are invited to sit in quietly  at any or all piano lessons. If the parent insists upon continuously interrupting the lesson with comments or instructions for their child thereby negating my authority, they will be asked to wait outside. Younger siblings sitting in on lessons must not be a distraction and are expected to respect the studio. Please, no food or spillable drinks in the studio including candy. This applies to the student at the piano as well as any family waiting.


   Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $67. Plus a yearly registration fee of $75 this registration fee. Absolutely no make up lessons if you do not give a 6 hour notice. Make ups will be scheduled as time allows if proper notice was given. An extra group lesson will be offered each semester that may be attended to make up for a missed lesson. The Fall semester will include 16 learning events (13 lessons, 2 group lessons and 1 recital). The Spring semester will include 20 learning events (17 lessons, 2 group lessons and 1 recital). If you sign up for the auto draft through my bank you will receive a 3% discount monthly.*

   For homeschool students: Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $57.  All other details are as outlined above. (Homeschool students must take lessons during "school" hours to qualify for the $684 yearly tuition).*

   For those paying for 45 minute lessons: $100 per month ($85 for homeschoolers). The registration fee will still be $75. This will include all of the above.

Alternative to the above scheduled payments:

If you prefer to pay by the lesson the cost will be $20 per lesson plus a yearly registration fee of $30. All music will be charged to you as it is assigned to your student. 45 minute lessons on a pay per lesson basis will be $30. Recitals will be $15 each. This will apply to all students, no homeschool discount.

Extra fees:

For each Fall Festival and Sonatina Festival will be $20 participation fee. This will include an extra performance class before each festival.

Summer lesson policy:

There will be 8 weeks of teaching offered in the summer. In order to hold your place in the studio you may take a minimum of 4 lessons or pay an $80 holding fee.  You can also choose to simply be put on the fall waiting list but no spot will be guaranteed.

Registration Fee:

    The registration fee is $75 and $125 maximum per family.

This fee covers:

*method books                         *Piano Maestro practice app

*additional music                     *My Music Staff access 

*assignment notebook            *practice incentive programs and prizes

*educational games and manipulatives

    There will be no refund of any portion of registration fee under any circumstances.

    If a new student joins the studio between 8/1 and 4/1 the registration fee will be as outlined above, if the student joins between 4/1 and 5/31 the fee will be $40. If 6/1 and 7/31 the student will pay for the books they receive and pay registration on 8/1. Not included: Sonatina and Fall Festival fees and replacement music books.



Termination of Lessons:

    If you desire to stop taking lessons, a two week notice would be appreciated.  There will be no refund for remaining paid lessons without the two week notice. No registration fee is ever refunded.
     Nita's Piano Studio retains the right to terminate lessons for any student based on difficulty in discipline during lessons or lack of payment.

Contact Information:

  Email (, or by text or phone call (940-781-2121). Also on Facebook: Nita's Piano Studio

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