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   Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $67. Plus a yearly registration fee of $75. (For an explanation of what this fee covers please see the studio policy page).  Absolutely no make up lessons if you do not give a 6 hour notice. Make ups may be scheduled as time allows if proper notice was given. An extra group lesson will be offered each semester that may be attended to make up for a missed lesson. The Fall semester will include 16 learning events (13 lessons, 2 group lessons and 1 recital). The Spring semester will include 20 learning events (17 lessons, 2 group lessons and 1 recital). If you sign up for the auto draft through my bank you will receive a 3% discount monthly.*

   For my homeschool students: Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $57.  All other details are as outlined above. (Homeschool students must take lessons during "school" hours to qualify for the $684 yearly tuition).*

   For those paying for 45 minute lessons: $100 per month ($85 for homeschoolers). The registration fee will still be $75. This will include all of the above.

Alternative to the above scheduled payments:

If you prefer to pay by the lesson the cost will be $20 per lesson plus a yearly registration fee of $30. All music will be charged to you as it is assigned to your student. 45 minute lessons on a pay per lesson basis will be $30. Recitals will be $15 each. This will apply to all students, no homeschool discount.

Extra fees:

For each Fall Festival and Sonatina Festival will be $20 participation fee. This will include an extra performance class before each festival.

Summer lesson policy:

There will be 8 teaching weeks in the summer. In order to hold your place in the studio you may take a minimum of 4 lessons or pay an $80 holding fee.  You can also choose to simply be put on the fall waiting list but no spot will be guaranteed.

Preschool KiddyKeys Classes:
Tuition is $55 per 6 week session

See more info on the preschool music page!

 *Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month for that month. 

 *There will be a $10 fee charged per week for payments not received by the second lesson of the month.  

 *Cash, check, credit card in person or online and direct deposit will be accepted.

 *There will be a $20 return check fee in addition to the bank fee charged to the studio.

  *No discount will be given for additional family members within the same household.

   *The registration fee will cover all needed music throughout the year. Any studio competition costs will also be included in the registration fee. There will be no refund of any portion of registration fee under any circumstances. If a new student joins the studio between 8/1 and 4/1 the registration fee will be as outlined above, if the student joins between 4/1 and 5/31 the fee will be $40. Joining between 6/1 and 7/31 you will pay for the books you are given and then pay registration 8/1.

   *Not included in the fee: Sonatina and Fall Festival fees, and replacement music books.

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